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Indvidual Education Program (IEP)

Parents it is very important to read and understand your child's IEP in its' entirety.  It is a legal document between you and the school district and can stand up in court.  Read the Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) book.  It outlines your rights and how to fight for them.

Call to Action

Become Ambassadors by promoting  autism awareness in your community, church and school.

Help Other Parents

If you know  a family with a child that has been affected with autism reach out and see if they need help with household chores, errands or need an understanding sitter,


The seed was planted

The seed was planted in '2006  so that one day I would like to have a place for parents  who had special needs to go to afterschool.  I knew many parents faced this like us.    I had a summer  activity workshop for 2 years in the spring/summer 2011 and 2012.  We had academics first, then arts and crafts, trampoline fun, basketball and a dip in the pool.  Oreo the dog provided animal therapy.  The program was fun.  I knew I wanted to help these children achieve what they possibly Can Do!

The History behind my inspiration

My inspirations comes from the experiences I have had being of mom of twin boys, one of whom is affected by autism and the other falls under the umbrella of special needs.  There were many issues, including finding afftercare for them.  The Wrap Program, came to an end  the summer of '2007 ;there were limited resources.  My husband and I  had to work many hours, somehow we found support for both children with God guiding us.  

Parents can fight!

In the summer of '2007, the  Superintendent of Schools informed parents; children in the disabled preschool program will be placed in daycare because the program was ending; we, the parents considered this option unacceptable.   I along with 2 other parents met with the Superintendent had a meeting with her and 2 other parents to request the program continue.  Failing to change her mind and filed a due process form and got the signatures of all the parents.  Petition in hand, I contacted Disability Rights of NJ and they assigned a pro bono attorney to represent the parents.  There were also a few articles in the Star Ledger.  Two days before the court date, I received a letter from the State of NJ that the disable preschool program will be reinstated. 


I have been involved in projects that have helped propel me to where I am today.  My children and I were in a documentary sponsored through Kohl's Cares and Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside< NJ in '2009  entitled"Make Friends with Autism" workshop "Navigating Through the Journey".  I have participated in this workshop for many years and to this day.    In my school district we also provide resources to students and their families during the holidays. 


These are the  services we provide are advocacy, IEP support, resources, sociai play dates, seminars, workshops and family counseling is available


If anyone has any questions please contact Taleana Hurst at (c) 908-884-4725 or (o) 908-753-7333 or email  at WallynZavys@gmail.