Videos About the Organization


Take a look at the uploaded videos to get a sense as to what WallynZavy’s Autistic Kids Can Do! is as an organization.

To the side are videos related to the organization such as YouTube Shorts, Informative Videos, Special awards/recognitions videos that Taleana Hurst has received for her extraordinary work with the organization, and much more. 



Name: Frontiers International Plainfield Area Youth Service Award

About: Taleana Hurst’s Acceptance Speech with Frontiers International Plainfield Area Club


Informative Videos

Name: June 10, 2020 Short at WallynZavy’s

About: Understanding the Steps of the Recycling Process 

Event Videos

Name: Fall Extravaganza Event (1)

About: A skit about friendships between Autistic Kids at WallynZavy’s Gala Event on November 2nd, 2019


Name: WallynZavy’s Autistic Kids Can Do! Social Play Date

About: Bowling Video at a Social Play Date Bowling Event hosted at Stelton Lanes, Piscataway, NJ in 2019


Name: WallynZavy’s Autistic Kids Can Do Fundraiser

About WallynZavy’s Canning Event in ShopRite, Piscataway, NJ back in August 2019

Programs Done At Organization Videos

Name: Art Therapy Program with WallynZavy’s Autistic Kids Can Do!

About: Virtual Art Therapy Program hosted by WallynZavy’s Autistic Kids Can Do! in May 2020 during COVID-19

Image of an award that states, 62nd Year of Community Service in the Plainfield Area presents the Service to Youth Award to Ms. Taleana Williams Hurst, in recognition of your outstanding and dedicated service to the Plainfield Community. The bottom text says, 47th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Program, along with the date of the award being given on January 16, 2023.
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