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Birth Injury Justice Center

Birth injuries are caused by physical harm or untreated illnesses around the time of birth. Treatment can help to manage long-term health effects and improve quality of life, but more severe injuries may leave babies with lifelong disabilities. If your doctor was negligent with their care during childbirth, it may be considered medical malpractice.

For more information about injuries that can happen at birth, please click on the link and you will be directed to their website: Birth Injury Justice Center 

Leaky Gut

Leaky gut, also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a digestive disorder that develops when tight junctions loosen or become damaged, allowing undigested food, bacteria, or toxins to leak through the wall of the intestine. Therefore, a leaky gut can worsen the symptoms of autism and can cause problems with brain function.

For more information about leaky gut symptoms, please click on the link and you will be directed to their website: Leaky Guy and How It Affects Health and Autism Symptoms

Prenatal Ultrasounds and their Discoveries

The prevalence of autism spectrum disorder has progressively increased over the past few decades, with estimates that 1 in 68 individuals are affected by it. Research continues to work on identifying both the genetic and environmental factors that could lead to autism spectrum disorder in individuals. One factor that has been examined is prenatal ultrasounds. As medical technology has been advancing itself, the number of ultrasounds women have during pregnancy has increased substantially during the past several decades that some argue that previously established statistics are no longer available. A new study done by Boston University’s School of Public Health researchers found that the number of prenatal ultrasounds are not associated with the future development of autism spectrum disorder

For more information about the study and how the researchers interpreted the data that they found, click the link and you’ll be directed to the page: Ultrasound Exposure Unlikely to Cause Autism | SPH

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