Communicating With Other Disabled People

An image that shows silhouettes of people of different ages and of a girl in a wheelchair in the middle of the group. There is a heart above the group plastered by a grid effect on top of it.

How can an individual with a disability communicate with another individual? How do they respond to certain things? What objects/activities do they use for effective communication? 

These are questions that are generally asked in how does communication with disabled people work, but there are answers for these questions. Firstly, use simple, direct sentences or supplementary visual forms of communication, such as gestures, diagrams, or demonstrations, if needed. Use concrete specific language if possible while avoiding using abstract language and simplistic wording when communicating. Secondly, it depends on each person who has a disability in how they respond to certain things, but one thing that’s certain is do not talk down to them literally or figuratively. Thirdly, things that people with disabilities use for effective communication with others would be items like books (suitable for children) or devices like tablets (suitable for adolescents and adults.)

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