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WallynZavy’s is a great organization that cares about its kids, board members, and community. They want to share/spread about the impact autism has on others and family members in the community. The organization hosts fundraisers, certain walks, trips like car shows, bowling events, and much more. It is a great decision to get involved with WallynZavy’s and learn more about autism awareness. They take care of kids with or without autism, overall trying the best of their ability to take care of everyone.

They help people near them in any way possible, adding to how they strive to help out the community as much as possible. I personally love WallynZavy’s, it seems like a real honest and genuine organization that is trying to spread information to people who need it. I have taken many assignments by Taleana Hurst and this helped me understand more about the organization, learn more about the organization’s website, and its main goal. Overall, more people need to know about this wonderful organization so people can be informed about what’s going on around them.

Testimony by Fikky Ogunlade

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